Strategic Water Resources Analysis – Nile Basin

General information

Client: GIZ, Nile Basin Initiative
Location: Nile Basin
Project duration: July 2021 to March 2022

Project description

The Strategic Water Resources Analysis (SWRA) is one of the most important knowledge products within the framework of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI). Based on vast data contributions of the riparian countries, the SWRA synthesizes sector studies into one analytical report in which future development scenarios and options are specified, evaluated, documented and results summarized. The aim of the SWRA is to conclude the Nile Basin Investment Program for coming years. The project has two components:

  1. the analytical consolidation of the SWRA document and consultations with the riparian countries and
  2. the technical consolidation of the Nile Basin Decision-Support Software facilitating the analytical component.

SYDRO covers both components and established two teams working in parallel and hand in hand.


  • Synthesizing the 7 sector studies into the SWRA
  • Consultation workshops with NBI and all riparian countries
  • Leading the technical consolidation of the Nile Decision-Support framework
  • Hydrological modelling of the Nile Basin based on different development scenarios with Talsim-NG
  • Quality assurance
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