Flood Risk Management

Flood risk management comprises all phases of the flood risk management cycle from disaster response to disaster recovery, risk analysis and risk reduction.

SYDRO Consult GmbH has extensive experience in the field of flood risk management, among others with implementing the EU Directive on the assessment and management of flood risks (FRMD) (2007/60/EG).

Disaster Response

SYDRO supports and advises in the development of

  • Emergency Preparedness Plans (EPP)
  • Notification flow charts and communication trees

These are essential tools for disaster response, all of which must already be prepared as part of the risk reduction process. They may be relevant at the local/regional level or at a higher level.

Risk Analysis

SYDRO covers a wide field of flood risk analysis:

  • Identification, evaluation and classification of potential emergency situations
  • Determination of flood discharge events (hydrological analyses, if necessary taking into account climate change scenarios)
  • Development of flood hazard and risk maps (hydraulic calculations)
  • Flood risk analysis for dams (e.g. dam safety assessments according to DIN 19700)

Risk Reduction

SYDRO has extensive experience in the following aspects of flood risk reduction:

  • Establishment of early warning systems based on forecasts
  • Preparation of flood protection concepts
  • Development of concrete flood protection measures (e.g. walls, dikes, polders, retention basins, renaturation, basin management)
  • Careful planning, compliant operation, efficient monitoring and a good preparation for potential emergency situations are the cornerstones of robust and safe operation of hydraulic facilities. We support operators in the daily real-time operation of their facilities
Flood risk management cycle

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