Flood protection Horb- Mühringen

General information

Client: Engineering office Heberle
Location: Germany
Project duration: 10/21 - 05/22
Key characteristics: Flood protection, 2D- hydraulics

Project description

For the district Mühringen of the district town "Horb am Neckar", adjacent to the river Eyach, flood control measures were investigated on the basis of hydraulic calculations for changed water levels.
These measures include a change in the course of the river Eyach by making it more natural, a lowering of the abandoned industrial area to create a larger retention area volume, as well as the determination of a more efficient bridge culvert, since there was a considerable build-up of water during flood times.


• Investigation of the effectiveness of various flood protection measures in the district of Horb- Mühringen
• Renaturalization of the course of the river Eyach, lowering of the terrain of the abandoned industrial area as well as modeling of an efficient bridge culvert, which guarantees unhindered flow in times of floods.
• Analysis of the water level


• Interpretation and evaluation of calculation results from 2D hydraulic modeling

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