Our Team

Competent. Reliable. Motivated.

It's the mixture that matters! From hydrology and hydraulics to geoecology and computer science - our team combines knowledge and competencies from many different areas. The composition of our team of experts from different disciplines enables us to develop interdisciplinary solutions. Additionally, we can rely on a large network of long-term partners from science and practice to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers from a single source.

The Team


Hubert Lohr

Email: h.lohr@sydro.de

Markus Funke

Email: m.funke@sydro.de


Nada Abdelwahab

Email: n.abdelwahab@sydro.de

Emanuel Döser

Email: e.doeser@sydro.de

Felix Froehlich

Email: f.froehlich@sydro.de

Isabelle Huber

Email: i.huber@sydro.de

Fraz Ismail

Email: f.ismail@sydro.de

Sandra Richter

Email: s.richter@sydro.de


Christina Schornberg

Email: c.schornberg@sydro.de

Karim Soliman

Email: k.soliman@sydro.de

Kai Sonntag

Email: k.sonntag@sydro.de



Wolfgang Krinner

Email: w.krinner@sydro.de

Philipp Thumser

Email: p.thumser@sydro.de

Scientific Advisors & External Partners

Peter Zuppa


Email: p.zuppa@sydro.de


Remote sniffing expert

Email: maya@sydro.de

We work closely with you to find tailored solutions.

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