Preparation of the Annual Mekong Flood and Hydrology Reports

General information

Client: Mekong River Commission
Contractor: Dr. Hubert Lohr as lead consultant, SYDRO as sub-consultant
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Vietnam
Project duration: 07/2017 - ongoing
Key characteristics: Water resources management, flood, drought, hydrology

Project description

MRC Member Countries have established Annual Mekong Flood Reports as a standard format with clearly defined target audiences, objectives and parameters/indicators to support the member countries. The AMFR is divided into an annual flood analysis and a special theme. Each year, the theme touches upon a different topic related to floods. Since 2018, the reports are called Annual Mekong Hydrology Reports (AMHR) and also include information about droughts.

The reports can be downloaded from the Mekong River Commision website.


  • In-depth analysis of yearly hydrologic situation at a regional scale (LMB)
  • Coordination of activities with the MRC Flood and Drought Management Center
  • Liaise with national experts to integrate National Flood Reports
  • Integrate other relevant hydrological data and information provided by the MRC Member Countries
  • Support the Regional Technical Meeting
  • Finalisation of a well-documented report, fully structured, edited and enriched with reference information for final publishing by MRC


  • Project management and coordination
  • Liasing
  • Technical support
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