EbA measures in the Thai water sector

After the assessment of the water management scheme and the inclusion of large scale ecosystem-based measures in 2016-2017 in north Thailand, further investigations in the Yom river basin are now underway.

SYDRO has been commissioned with a new project starting in March 2021 whose objective is to provide technical guidance on the application and development of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) measures in the Thai water sector. More specifically, the effect of the reconnection of oxbow lakes to reduce floods and droughts and to strengthen flood water management at river basin scale is to be investigated.

Further information is available at the “German International Cooperation based in Bangkok”: https://www.thai-german-cooperation.info/en_US/potential-of-oxbow-lakes-ecosystems-in-yom-river-basin-assessed-for-mitigating-flood-and-drought-risks/

Another project adressing climate change adaption in Thailand was conducted in 2016: Integrated Water Resources Management and Capacity Building at the Sae-Or Reservoir

Image source: Molly Stevens, CC BY-SA 2.0

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