Integrated Water Resources Management and Capacity Building, Sae-Or Reservoir

General information

Client: Royal Irrigation Department, TH in collaboration with GIZ
Location: Sae, Ta Phraya; Thailand
Project duration: 6/2016 - 12/2016
Key characteristics: Water resources development plan, Sae Or Reservoir, collaboration with GIZ, ecosystem services

Project description

Due to the 2011 flood and current drought situation, water management became the first priority on the national policy agenda in Thailand. In 2015 RID requested support from GIZ to review the proposed Sae-Or Reservoir which aims to store water for both flood prevention as well as irrigation and water supply for the domestic sector. The existing plan includes a dam and irrigation system, a construction period of 3 years and a budget of approximately 8 Mio. USD. SYDRO reviewed the plan, identified, designed alternative or complementary ecosystem-based measures to increase resilience and incorporate ecosystem services in disaster risk management.

The reservoir is located in the Huay Yang sub river basin, a lesser tributary of the Cambodian Tonle Sap Lake watershed. The river exits to the border between Thailand and Cambodia. A majority of residents in this area is rice farmers.


  • Review project design and water resources development plan
  • Design, identify, and implement alternative or complementary ecosystem-based measures
  • Conduct a training course on ecosystem-based measures, modelling and integration of ecosystem-based services


  • modeling of ecosystem-based services
  • water management
  • increasing ecosystem services in disaster risk management
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