Yom Nan Operation & Maintenance Project

General information

Client: GIZ, UNDP, Royal Irrigation Department
Location: Thailand
Project duration: 2016 - 2017
Key characteristics: Green Climate Fund Proposal, Integration of ecosystem-based measures in a 500 km² irrigation project

Project description

Yom-Nan Operation and Maintenance Project is a newly established project aiming to irrigate farmlands of about 312,600 rai (~ 500 km²). A flood management scheme is to be established additionally, as the area was badly hit by the 2011 flood.
13 weirs/dams are considered as regulating structures for both irrigation and flood management. A major source during dry spells will be the Sirikit Dam as one of the largest dams in Thailand. The objective of the assignment was a rapid assessment of the water management scheme and the inclusion of large scale ecosystem-based measures. They aim at complementing the engineered structures in order to enhance flood resilience and to strengthen ecologically sound land and water resources development.
The project is part of a proposal UNDP, RID are intending to submit to the Green Climate Fund.


  • Rapid assessment of the water management scheme by means of the existing project documents provided by RID and UNDP
  • Conduct onsite analysis in Phitsanulok’s Phrom Phiram district together with staff of RID, UNDP
  • Include and conceptualise alternative and complementing EbA measures

A range of EbA measures was suggested addressing local vulnerabilities. Pros and cons are provided for each measure considering environmental impacts, involvement of local stakeholders, maintenance and water management.


  • Review and project evaluation
  • Conceptualization and design of ecosystem-based measures
  • Capacity building and training
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