Preparation of the Annual Mekong Flood and Hydrology Reports

General information

Client: Mekong River Commission
Contractor: Dr. Hubert Lohr as lead consultant, SYDRO as sub-consultant
Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Vietnam
Project duration: 07/2017 - ongoing
Key characteristics: Water resources management, flood, drought, hydrology

Project description

MRC Member Countries have established Annual Mekong Flood Reports as a standard format with clearly defined target audiences, objectives and parameters/indicators to support the member countries. The AMFR is divided into an annual flood analysis and a special theme. Each year, the theme touches upon a different topic related to floods. Since 2018, the reports are called Annual Mekong Hydrology Reports (AMHR) and also include information about droughts.


  • In-depth analysis of yearly hydrologic situation at a regional scale (LMB)
  • Coordination of activities with the MRC Flood and Drought Management Center
  • Liaise with national experts to integrate National Flood Reports
  • Integrate other relevant hydrological data and information provided by the MRC Member Countries
  • Support the Regional Technical Meeting
  • Finalisation of a well-documented report, fully structured, edited and enriched with reference information for final publishing by MRC


  • Project management and coordination
  • Liasing
  • Technical support
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