Renaturation of the “Sträublingsbach” with hydraulic verification

General information

Client: Markt Ebensfeld
Location: Germany, Ebensfeld
Project duration: 2021
Key characteristics: Renaturation planning, 2D- hydraulics

Project description

The market council of the market town Ebensfeld (client) decided to set up the development plan "Ebensfeld-North III commercial area". The preliminary draft of this provided for building development to take place within the HQ100 floodplain of the "Sträublingsbach" marked in the land use plan. In the course of this, Sydro Consult GmbH was commissioned by the market town Ebensfeld to work out the renaturation planning of the corridor shown in the land use plan and to carry out the proof for the change of the flooding area. The aim was to shift the flood line according to the land use plan by renaturalizing the course of the river, since the current situation did not permit the construction of large sections of the planned commercial area.
This was finally verified by hydraulic calculations.


• Renaturalization planning of the watercourse: shifting of the flood line according to the land use plan for the realization of the planned building development
• Creation of the hydraulic 2D- model for the actual state as well as the planned state
• Verification of the change of the flooding area due to the renaturation planning of the watercourse
• Verification by means of hydraulic calculations whether the planned development will be kept free of inundation at HQ100 by renaturation


• Hydraulic 2D modeling and its interpretation/evaluation

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