Nam Paw Hydro Power Project

General information

Client: Great Hor Kham Co. Ltd.
Location: Muse, Shan-State; Myanmar
Project duration: 03/2016 - 10/2016
Key characteristics: Hydro Power Plant, failure mode and dam break analysis, Emergency Preparedness Plan

Project description

The Nam Paw Hydro Power Plant Project is a dam development projects initiated by a private investor (Great Hor Kham Co. Ltd. (GHK)) in the Northern Shan-State, Myanmar. Main beneficiaries are the local population in the surrounding of Muse. The dam is located in a narrow v-shaped valley with part of the catchment located in a politically conflict-prone area. The design of the dam and emergency procedures must accomplish high standards as the area is prone to floods, earthquake and debris flow.

SYDRO reviewed the hydrological design and performed a failure mode and dam break analysis supported with an Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP).

A strong component of the project was stakeholder involvement from local authorities down to grass root level. The project was carried out in close collaboration with Myanmar Sustainable Development Engineering Services Co., Ltd. (MSDES). MSDES conducted the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and acted as facilitator during the EPP process.

Capacity building in terms of flood mapping and risk assessment was conducted in conjunction with MSDES.

This project pioneers Emergency Preparedness Plans in Myanmar as it is the first EPP in the country.


  • review the hydrological design of the dam, design floods, operational aspects
  • PMF analysis
  • dam failure mode analysis and dam break scenarios
  • 2D hydraulics for flood mapping and generation of flood inundation maps
  • watershed management to reduce debris flow during flood events
  • development of an emergency preparedness plan
  • stakeholder involvement
  • awareness raising campaign and capacity building
  • design of an early warning system


  • involving stakeholder
  • dam break analysis
  • watershed management
  • developing emergency preparedness plans


A 3D model of the project area with different inundation scenarios ranging from yellow to maroon (view fullscreen):

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