Dam safety assessments: Flood hazard risk and climate change impact analysis on dams

General information

Client: Water association Eifel-Rur, Wupperverband, Aggerverband, State Authority of Reservoirs Saxony, WTV
Location: Germany
Project duration: 2008 - 2015
Key characteristics: climate change, risk management, Dam safety, Wupperverband

Project description

Risk assessments of dams have been carried out for more than 20 dams with a total storage volume of approximately 600 Mio.m³. The projects addressed different natural hazards like floods, landslides, earthquakes. The analyses comprised hydrological dam safety, design floods, PMF analysis, effects of climate change on hydrology and encompassed the evaluation of hydraulic structures like outlets, gates and spillways. SYDRO acts as team member in a group of experts evaluating structural integrity and geotechnical stability. The content of dam safety assessments complies with international standards and is a periodical review stipulated by law. The determination of operational risks leading to early warning and safety procedures was usually part of the assignment for SYDRO.


  • River basin modelling
  • Analysis of extreme flood events, associated flood risks and the impact on the dams
  • Freeboard calculation
  • Capacity evaluation of hydraulic structures
  • Rules developed and integrated the day-to-day operation onsite
  • Preparation of early warning and emergency preparedness procedures
  • Development of operation manuals used on-site and at the operation centres


  • Integrated hydrological modeling
  • Flood risk management
  • water management
  • Developing early warning and safety procedures
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