V.l.n.r: Berit Henrike Schmitz (3. Platz) Cecilia Schellhaas (2. Platz) Georg Wulf, Vorstand des Wupperverbandes

Award-Winning Master Thesis on Water Quality Modeling of Reservoirs

In addition to questions relating to water quantities, water quality issues are becoming increasingly important for reservoirs. Changing climatic conditions, increased demands on the ecology of the water bodies below reservoirs as well as rising energy prices are forcing dam operators to implement adaptive operation schemes for reservoirs. The effects of a change in operating rules on the water quality within the reservoir are difficult to determine.

Mrs. Cecilia Schellhass (pictured at center, photo source: Wupperverband) has worked intensively at SYDRO Consult GmbH on modeling water quality processes in reservoirs using the example of a reservoir of the Wupperverband. Her master thesis entitled “Water Quality Modelling of Reservoirs” was awarded by the Wupperverband at the 21st Symposium on River Basin Management on 06.06.2018:

Her work is particularly important for the upcoming task of coupling quantity and quality models for reservoir operation in order to be able to assess the impact of changed water discharges from the dams on the water quality within the reservoir.
[Press release of Wupperverband, translated by SYDRO]

We congratulate Mrs. Schellhaas on the award and thank both her and the Wupperverband for the excellent cooperation!

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