TASK2: Climate change adaptation

General information

Title: Operational use of seasonal hydro-meteorological forecasts with water balance and soil water balance modeling for adaptation to drought caused by climate change
Client: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
Location: Germany
Project period: 2020 - 2024
Key characteristics: Climate change, seasonal forecasting, dam management
Website: TASK2 website

Project description

The aim of the project is to develop a tool that provides the data needed to make decisions on the allocation of water resources and on adapted reservoir management, taking into account seasonal forecasts, area-detailed modeling and impact assessment. Especially the later contingent planning is a relevant part of the project. Here, an elaboration is needed that allows a rule-based allocation of water resources. For this, a common understanding of water scarcity among all stakeholders is an important prerequisite.

The background is the changing precipitation regime in Germany in recent years, especially since the summer of 2018.


  • Prediction of runoff volume at specific locations in a water body
  • Dynamization of the dam operating rules
  • Extension of the forecasts into the area
  • Water management, environmental and economic impact assessment for water shortage situations
  • Development of an operational tool as a basis for contingency planning
  • Communication, public relations, awareness raising


  • Project management
  • Data management
  • Seasonal simulation of water availability
  • Hydrological and water quality assessments
  • Communication with various stakeholders
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