Improving Climate Resilience of Tajikistan’s Hydropower Sector

Development and Delivery of a Professional Development Curriculum

SYDRO conducted a 4-day workshop on hydrometric instruments at the Hydromet Building in Dushanbe to a total of 16 participants. Some participants could only attend part of the 4 training days. The attendees consisted mostly of technical personnel from hydropower sector and government authorities. The workshop presented modules on the equipment and knowhow needed to measure hydrological and meteorological data for different purposes. Part of the workshop was a one-day excursion to two hydrometrical gauges and a meteorological station in the area around Dushanbe. This excursion was used for many talks on details and specific question, which can only come up during such an on-ground experience, looking at real gauges. Subsequent discussions during the workshop indicated a keen interest in the subject by the participants.

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